“Best thing I’ve ever done. Loving the open eye awake look “

Lash extensions come in many lengths and thickness ranging from the super dramatic Russian 3D & 6D lashes to the softer alluring single lash on lash mink lashes. Whichever look you choose your lashes will add fullness and really open up the eyes making a dramatic and glamorous difference to your appearance!

Russian Volume Lashes – Russian lashes are the latest lash technique new to the UK, sometimes known as 3D or 6D lashes, they are currently the most sought after treatments throughout salons everywhere! This technique is ideal for ladies that don’t have many lashes and want a fuller look, or even for ladies that want a very glamorous “full on” look. The main difference with these lashes is although they are mink lashes, they are very fine grade lashes so their combined weight is the same or even less than an average single lash extension meaning they are far less damaging to your natural eyelashes.


Prices –

Single Lash Extensions - £39 (1 hour)

Russian Volume Lash Extensions - £59 (90 minutes)

Fortnighly infill £20 (45 mins)

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