There are many different types and ways to apply hair extensions. Some are for short term purposes and others for the long term.

At Mia Bella we offer three types of hair extensions; Nano, Micro and Tape.


NANO RING hair extensions are a fantastic hair extension method, and one those with finer hair will be able to enjoy too.  These extensions are relatively new to the market. The process involves placing individual human hair extension strands and securing them with a nano ring. The nano ring itself (as the name suggests) is tiny and less likely to be noticed. Plus it is more comfortable, especially for those with finer hair.  The application is similar to that of micro rings, helping to provide the very best effect of healthy, thick and voluminous hair.

MICRO RING hair extensions uses the technique of a strand-by-strand method, where human hair extensions are attached to individual sections of your natural hair with small metal tubes called micro rings. This method allows your hair to look and feel very natural and will allow your hair extensions to blend in perfectly with your natural hair.

TAPE hair Extensions are extremely natural looking, light weight and lay completely flat to your head. They are very discrete and perfect for clients with Very Fine – Normal Hair. Tape Hair Extensions are applied using no sewing and no heat, they are essentially applied to a small section of your hair using a lightweight waterproof tape. 

All our Hair Extensions are colour matched and customised to blend seamlessly with your natural hair colour, whether you have Highlights, Low lights or coloured hair, we customise your new extensions perfectly with your natural hair.


£260 Including hair