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This technique is a huge step forward in anti-wrinkle treatment technology. In one treatment, the skin around the chosen area is instantly tightened and you’re left with a permanent rejuvenated and youthful look. It works by shrinking and shortening the skin fibres, lifting the skin. No knives, no surgery.What you’re left with is beautiful, radiant complexion with no sagging skin



  • Non-surgical rejuvenation

  • Virtually pain-free treatment

  • No injectable anaesthetic required

  • No cutting of skin or stitches required

  • Minimal side effects and down time

  • Instant & amazing results

How Does It Work?

Plasma Fibroblast is a non-surgical non -invasive treatment, where the plasma flash shrinks excess skin, bags and wrinkles around the targeted area.

The approach works by stimulating the contraction of skin fibres instantly through a so-called ‘plasma flash’. This flash - from a hand-held device with a tiny tip - evaporates superficially on the skin at a tiny point, which shrinks the skin around the area

Upper eye lift £280, Lower eye & crows feet £200, Forehead £300, Frown lines £150, Upper mouth £250, Lower mouth £180, Full jaw uplift £495, Cheek lift £350,  Full face £1000, Neck £800, Bingo wings £495.00, Tummy £450 - £800,  

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